Segment Your Communication

Smart Segment Filters

A segment is a way to personalize your messaging on a more general piece and mail to many different groups at the same time. Smart SegmentTM filters let you customize and manage text, content, images, and offers to every segment that you want to target.

Most annual fund directors have a strong segmentation strategy for identifying who to target and what to say to each segment targeted, but finding and working with traditional print and mailing services can be a long and difficult process. That's where Smart Segment filters shine.

segmentation GIF
pledgemine dashboard

Once you've set up your Pledgemine account and identified an appeal or fulfillment solution that you want to use, Pledgemine Client Services will create a Smart Segment filter for each identified segment. Adding, deleting, and disabling Smart Segment filters is simple and lets you easily manage your communication strategy as it changes.

Smart Segment filters can be driven with any custom category or criteria that you define. Some common drivers are predictive or affinity scores, year of graduation, college or department, major, activity or interests, giving history, type of gift or pledge, and current or lapsed giving.