Personalize With Pledgemine
Personalize With Pledgemine

Our Technology Powers Your Success

Pledgemine offers a data-driven, personalized approach that makes a real difference by engaging donors, increasing giving rates, and multiplying major donors. Our segmentation software, combined with free data capabilities, gives you virtually unlimited variability! See examples of Pledgemine's powerful technology below.



Segments are defined as variable text and images that populate within the context of a design project. They are a way for you to introduce customization to your various audiences without developing new designs for each type of recipient.

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What Can I Segment?

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Images, such as actions shots and athlete photos

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Callouts, entire letters, and gift designations

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Graphic Elements

Logos, icons, and other graphic elements


Establishing a personal profile for each of your student callers is an included feature with your Pledgemine contract because you manage it yourself. You will create & fill in a profile for each of them with as much information as you would like to print on the piece.

See Examples

Data Design applies dynamic data to text and images
Smart ScriptsTM turn simple data fields into powerful and impactful messages
Smart FieldsTM make your messaging more relevant to the reader’s specific interests
Smart FiltersTM sift through your data to assign segments
Dynamic Profiles feature biographical fields and photos

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No one delivers the power of automation and personalization like Pledgemine