Give Your Communication a Boost With Marketing Segmentation

Our web application is designed to save you time and was built using proven marketing techniques. We offer 5 distinct ways you can customize your data to increase the effectiveness of your message. For each project, you may use any of these techniques in combination or none at all. We call these our 5 Layers of Business-level Logic.

5 ways Pledgemine makes your appeals more engaging

Profiles Icon

Dynamic Profiles feature biographical fields and photos.

Smart Filters Icon

Smart Filters sift through your data to assign segments.

Smart Fields Icon

Smart Fields make your messaging more relevant to the reader’s specific interests.

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Smart Scripts turn simple data fields into powerful and impactful messages.

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Custom Data Handling applies dynamic data to text and images.

What can I Personalize?


Graphic Elements

Logos and other graphic elements can switch between segments.



Callouts, entire letters and gift designations can switch between segments.



Images, such as actions shots and athlete photos, can switch between segments.

Smart Segment Filters

One of the best parts of using these features is that you don’t have to learn any software to implement them into your project. Once you outline your strategy for the mailing or campaign, your dedicated Client Services Representative will set them up for you!

The Pledgemine App