Connect with donors with segmented text and images. Our team will fully design a campaign to fit your branding strategy and standards.

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pledge fulfillment

Pledge Fulfillment

Immediate follow up with potential donors and timely reminders increase the likelihood that they will fulfill their pledge.

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Pledgemine's on demand capability enables you to express appreciation at precisely the right time.

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Send distinct email campaigns formatted to fit your needs. Achieve the maximum amount of impact by sending as often as you’d like.

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Once you've set up your Pledgemine account and identified an appeal, pledge fulfillment or stewardship solution that you want to use, the Pledgemine team will process your sample data, inform you of what assets you'll need to provide, and set up the segmentation for your personalized annual giving campaign. Pledgemine's client services team is attentive and goes above and beyond to support your objectives and timelines.


Once all assets are aquired and the segmentation is set up, the design team takes over. Pledgemine understands the importance of meeting each individual institution's brand standards. We design each solution using your organization's logos, images, fonts, and colors to ensure the most personalized result within the format you selected. Pledgemine provides a 24-48 hour turn around time for each proof, after all assets for setup are received.


When we receive final data and approval on your piece, files are prepped and sent to production. The production team digitally imposes and prints your pieces with care in ensuring quality printing, image clarity, and accurate color. Once pieces are imposed and printed they may go through a variety of the post print services Pledgemine offers. These services include perforation, scoring, cutting, folding, gluing, and assembly of finished pieces. During these processes the production department does many quality control checks for appropriate segment and recipient matching.

Mail Services

When production of your mailing is complete, the mailing is picked up from Pledgemine’s location and goes out to your donors. Pledgemine offers a variety of mailing classes to accommodate the budgets and schedules of the Institutions we serve. These classes range from Non-Profit class mailings to First Class mailings. In addition to large appeal mailings Pledgemine offers a same day turn around service for phonathon recipients. This service is referred to as Pledge Fulfillment. These pieces are downloaded, printed and mailed daily to ensure pledge promises are fulfilled.