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Pledgemine uses a flexible contract structure comprised of units and segments that lets you select from a continually expanding library of formats. You can also take advantage of our team of designers by choosing from our pre-designed catalog options or requesting your own custom design. Just select the annual volume of mail and email that fits your budget. With more than one hundred professionally designed configurations, it’s easy to choose the right formats that will engage your donors.


A Pledgemine service agreement includes a bulk budget of units to use for printing, email services and design. Units provide a simple, flexible way to design and produce at the lowest possible cost, and also allows you to track consumption as you send more mailings out over time.


A segment is a way to personalize your messaging on a more general piece and mail to many different groups at the same time. Using Pledgemine’s segmentation software, variable text and images can be inserted into any print piece or email to allow you to maximize impact. Increasing variability is the key to engaging with your donors! Learn More

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